The Keng Institute Tax Clinic (“Tax Clinic”) was created because of a need in the community that was obvious.  Everyone has a hard time dealing with taxes and the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”), but low-income families, the elderly and those that speak English as second language have the most difficult time dealing with taxation.

The Tax Clinic’s goal to give everyone access to qualified tax professionals, so that taxes can be less of an issue and more of a solution.  Taxation can be a pain point that could require you to pay a lot, but with proper planning and knowledge of the law will allow you to save more.

Our constituency or our target audience is:

  1. Low-Income Families
      • Anyone that earns $49,000 dollars or less.
  2. The Elderly
      • Anyone 60 years old or older
  3. English as a Second Language (“ESL”) Speakers
      • Anyone who’s first language isn’t English.  (Generally, first generation immigrants)


The Tax Clinic does not sign tax returns as paid preparers because we are not compensated and do not accept payment for our services.  We provide our services to extent possible outlined in the law and apply it to the extent of the information provided.